Our Hosting Infrastructure


Our hosting infrastructure partner powers 7% of the internet with 120,000+ customers and over 1.2 million websites in 150+ countries.

Site Management

Site management is the “care and feeding” of your website. Making sure it is maintained and secure, patches are applied, updates are applied, and security recommendations are in place.

Our maintenance and management include daily site backups, malware scans, a web application firewall, denial of service attack prevention, etc.

The part our clients love is our site content edits. As part of our site management, we do all your site edits for you. Need a new page? We’ll add it. Need to change the text or swap out a photo? We’ll do it for you. No hours to track and no complicated retainers.

Hosting Environment

Tier 1 Dedicated environment
Google compute optimized virtual machines – 40% faster speeds
99.99% uptime SLA
24/7/365 premium support & onboarding – chat/phone/ticketing
Smart Plugin Manager for plugin updates
CDN + Evercache
SSLs with auto-renew
Automated WP core + PHP updates
Global Edge Security
Site monitoring

Our Global Edge Security Provides

Managed Web Application Firewall ensures availability.
Blocks the most common vectors for website attacks
Built in rulesets mitigate WP specific vulnerabilities
Auto-updating to stay current

Advanced DDoS Mitigation protects digital ops
Leverages Cloudflare’s Global Anycast network which has 10x capacity of largest recorded DDoS attack
Full Page CDN accelerate internet applications
Caches dynamic and static content for faster delivery
Blocks common spammers to save server/bandwidth

SSL/TLS encryption to mitigate session hijacking
Ensures your website is encrypted from end-to-end

Additional Features

Automated core site maintenance
WordPress core updates with before/after “smoke test” (can be deferred up to 60 days)
PHP updates
Auto-renewals of SSL certificates
Auto daily backups of the site
One-click Dev/Stage/Prod environments


Baked in WordPress specific security expertise
In-house security team provided by our infrastructure provider
Firewall malware scans
Real-time threat detection
Intrusion Prevention/Detection
Brute-force protection