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“Working with Tapiki for our Hawaii Food Industry Association and Made in Hawaii Festival websites hosting and maintenance has been an absolute game-changer. The ease with which we could get changes done to our site was remarkable. Tapiki made it incredibly simple to do site updates, ensuring our website always ran smoothly. They took care of all the plugin updates and security patches, which gave us peace of mind knowing our site was always secure.

Whenever we needed assistance with web-related issues, their team was prompt, professional, and extremely helpful. Tapiki’s services have truly made managing our website effortless. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Lauren Zirbel, President

Hawaii Food Industry Association


“We have been working with Brian Dote and Tapiki since 2013, and we continue to work with them because they truly understand our needs and our mission. Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawaiʻi is a large annual event with tens of thousands of attendees both in person and online, and Tapiki has ably designed and handled our website both during the event, as well as leading up to it, and throughout the year.

When we had to suspend in-person events during the pandemic, Tapiki developed an app for us that gave our community a chance to keep in touch. The app’s beautiful “float a virtual lantern” feature is one that many participants still find meaningful to use, even now.

Brian is amazing to work with, incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and always available to provide technical guidance and advice. We are lucky to work with him and hope to continue our relationship with Tapiki for many years to come.”

Charlene Flanter
Co-Executive Director and Communications Manager

Nā Lei Aloha Foundation, Shinnyo Lantern Floating Hawaii

“As a strategy consultant working on cutting-edge NFT projects for clients, I rely on the technical expertise of developers familiar with blockchain technology to determine the feasibility of the idea. Working with Tapiki for the Vanishing Murals dynamic NFT project which required the NFT artworks to change based on the Hawaii ocean water temperatures, Brian’s knowledge of blockchain architecture gave me the confidence to continue pursuing the concept and successfully launch the collection for the client!”

Ellen Ng, Founder

INOA, your trusted partner on all things e-commerce and NFTs

“Brian is the classical coder turned manager, and that’s the best kind of engineering manager you will find. Far too often we have these slick talking MBAs who can’t get anything done because they don’t have the respect of their engineers.

Brian was one of the best client-side lead engineers I knew, before he moved into management where he built the best UI engineering team in the history of .Mac. Together with my team on the server side, we delivered one of the best web based email service back in Oct. 2005 and won many rave reviews.

It was one of the high points of my career and I would work with Brian again on any project in a heartbeat.”

Helen Ma, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, Apple Wellness, Journal, visionOS, iPhone, iPad, and MobileMe

CrunchyrollApple Inc.

Case Studies

Mission Management Company

Mission Management Company needed to update their website to shift the focus from consulting to products. Implemented the new brand identity designed by Design Made.


G70 underwent a rebranding and needed a new website developed. We built their website based on the new brand, designed by the Sae Design Group.

Lanai Air

Lanai Air needed an app that would integrate with their online booking engine, allowing their customers to conveniently book flights in a easy-to-use, native mobile app.

LA Metro

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority needed an interactive station guide that could run in a web browser via a touchscreen enabled vertical free-standing station kiosk. The interactive guide featured station details, an art guide, and other information for a given station.

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Find out what lies at the edge of possible. Contact us to get started.

“Brian is a fantastic UI engineer, a great manager and a fabulous person. I worked with Brian for 2 years and was sorry to lose access to him when I switched roles. Not only is he incredibly competent as an engineer, he’s an amazing team player — always helping to find creative ways to solve problems and going the extra mile to get the job done. His demeanor was positive even in the worst of fire drills and I never doubted that I could count on him. I will forever keep him in my address book in hopes of working with him again.”

Sarah Herrlinger, Sr. Director, Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives

Apple Inc.

“Working with Tapiki was an absolute pleasure. Their deep understanding of blockchain technology allowed me to create a work of art that had a real world environmental impact ( to help protect our coral reefs). With Brian’s vision and knowledge, our team was able to see the possibilities of integrating the blockchain with art and science. It ultimately resulted in an innovative endeavor and collaboration I am so proud of – the Vanishing Murals NFT Project.”

Jana Ireijo, Artist

Vanishing Murals

“I can’t even begin to say enough to properly quantify the knowledge, value and elevation of resources and capabilities that Brian Dote has imbued into my life and business ventures. He is a friend, mentor, guide, sherpa and guru to myself and many, many others. He is dogged and focused in every one of his projects, and yet wields his knowledge with the care and precision of a master craftsman. The very fact that we have the caliber of folks like Brian here in Hawaii should give us all hope for a brighter future ahead.”

Jason Taira, Co-Founder & Financial Planner

Blūme Ruhm Gourmet Bodega, Northwestern Mutual Hawai’i

“In November 2020, HIPA needed to rapidly overhaul its website to accompany a time-sensitive communications and PR campaign. Tapiki made that whole process a breeze. The website they developed for us was fresh, responsive, and exactly what we needed. Their technical expertise and attention to detail made the transition from our existing website and hosting services something completely manageable for a small organization like ours that has no dedicated technical staff. I would highly recommend Tapiki to an organization of any size that is looking to use their website strategically and appreciates great customer service.”

Ben Trevino, Network Coordinator

Omidyar Fellows

“We enlisted Brian’s consulting services to assist more than 15 companies directly with their e-commerce needs, from planning (platform selection, development roadmap) to actual execution of changes. Brian is systematic and strategic in his approach, ensuring that the companies’ needs are well-considered given limited resources – any company looking for a world-class web developer to take its e-commerce functionalities to the next level should definitely consider Tapiki!”

Ellen Ng, Former Economic Development Specialist

Hawaii Technology Development Corporation