Advanced+ WordPress Hosting with Unlimited Site Edits

$349.00 / month

Our most secure package, when you need it all.

Our truly managed Advanced+ WordPress Maintenance and Hosting provides you the fastest WordPress hosting in a safe and secure environment. This package includes unlimited 30-min edits by our certified WordPress Engineers. Let us do the editing work for you so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. Simply email us your content edits and our team of certified WordPress Engineers will make them for you. In addition, this package offers our highest level of security. This is our “everything and the kitchen sink” plan. Includes the following:


Full-page Caching via Cloudflare Enterprise & CDN
File Compression via Brotli
Polish Image Optimization
Mirage Image Optimization
Argo Smart Routing
Tiered Caching


Website Firewall (WAF)
Real-time Malware Scanning
Malware Patching and Removal
Zero-Day Exploit Prevention
Brute-force Protection
Weak Password Prevention
Automated Bot Protection
Daily Website Backups
Weekly Plugin Updates
Website Uptime Monitoring
SSL Certificate Monitoring
Website Server-Side Scanner
SEO Spam Scanner & Repair
DNS Monitoring
DDoS Attack Mitigation
Remove Blocklist Status


Includes unlimited edits to your WordPress site.

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